Japan to Asia

SaDea provides cosmetics through its OEM/ODM business for Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries.
We will support your overseas business development with the quality and reliability guaranteed by the products being "Made in Japan".

Japan to Asia

SaDea provides cosmetics through its OEM/ODM business for Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries.
We will support your overseas business development with the quality and reliability guaranteed by the products being "Made in Japan".


SaDea provides cosmetics through its OEM/ODM business for Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries.

Japanese products are very popular, not only in Japan, but also in China and Southeast Asian countries due to their high standards of quality, technology, and reliability. Companies are able to gain a competitive local advantage in such countries by developing products under a "Japanese" brand.

However, many Japanese companies are failing to make headway in such markets due to a failure to get to grips with the policies and business practices in such countries, and are thus unable to unlock the inherent benefits of appealing to the fact it is “made in Japan”.

SaDea provides a comprehensive one-stop solution, covering all stages of the process, from product development to manufacturing, utilizing its high level of industry expertise and experience in conducting business overseas.

Fabless operation
Our fabless operation means that our operation is run without the use of our own fabrication facilities. This means that we can select the optimal factory for each product, enabling us to deliver a high level of performance in terms of both cost and quality.
Network connecting us with the main players in the industry
We have an extensive network comprising not only manufacturing plants, but also manufacturers of raw materials, containers and packaging materials. The fact that we negotiate directly with each company means that we are always able to respond in a timely way, and offer favorable terms.
A wealth of specialist knowledge in the industry
It requires an advanced level of industry expertise in a variety of fields to manufacture cosmetic products and bring them to market. Our company has extensive experience in the development, marketing and manufacturing of raw materials and products in the quasi-drug, cosmetics and health food fields.
Overseas business know-how
The word "Asia" encompasses a wide variety of countries, each with its own national characteristics, culture, and business practices. We have more than 20 years of experience in conducting business overseas that can contribute to the support of your overseas business development.
Track record of being first to market in Japan/the world
We have a track record of bring first to market on a global level for dietary supplements, cosmetics, and pet foods, as well as for cosmetics in Japan. Being first to market in Japan or the world is by no means straightforward thing, but we make every effort to meet the needs of our customers in this regard.


Please feel free to make initial contact with us through our email form on this site or by telephone.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss all of your requirements, including product image, raw materials and ingredients you wish to focus on, production volume, expected benefits and effects, and any issues you have with existing products, as well as any other concerns you may have.

You do not need to approach us with a detailed plan. We can discuss your goals and vision, even if they are not yet in a concrete form.


We will propose a concept and marketing strategy based on the information provided.

For products such as cosmetics and health food products, there are a wide range of production and sales methods available, incorporating ingredients, effects and efficacy, and branding.

We will then select the most suitable factory and manufacturer and propose an optimal plan according to your needs.


We will then bring your product image and ideas to life by developing a prototype based on the proposed plan.

Our team of specialists will handle not only the product content, but all related aspects, including the container and packaging.


We then determine the product specifications and formulation through a process of making continuous improvements on the prototype, following which we finely tune the product to your satisfaction.

In terms of the product and packaging as well, we will continually make revisions until you are fully satisfied with the design and feel of the product.

We outsource the entire quality control, quality assurance and production system to a trusted partner factory.


Once you are satisfied with the content of the product and quotation, an agreement shall be concluded via the exchange of contracts.

After receiving your purchase order, we shall arrange materials and negotiate with contractors in accordance with your desired delivery date.


We conduct safety tests on the finalized container and perform any corrections required on the contents of the labeling of each material in accordance with various pharmaceutical regulations.

Some time may be required when creating original containers, so we would be grateful if you could give us as much advance notice as possible.


We perform product manufacturing and production.

You are welcome to attend the manufacturing process at the factory, although this requires prior coordination of schedules and other related details. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be present during this process.


The finished product is delivered to the customer.

The product shall be carefully packaged and delivered in perfect condition.



With our own brand, Bbeau, we offer “simple/one-step” products that meet the lifestyle needs of busy women in their 20s and 30s.

The lifestyles of women in their 20s and 30s in China and Southeast Asian countries have undergone a significant transformation due to the rapid pace of economic development. What they need are effective cosmetic products that can be used with simple, one-step procedures.

Despite their quality being widely recognized, Japanese products are often perceived as being expensive in China and Southeast Asian countries. However, SaDea, with its fabless management, has succeeded in reducing its manufacturing costs and marketing products at a reasonable price compared to its Japanese competitors.

Bbeau Cleansing Lotion

This is a cleansing lotion that provides a “new sensation”, by gently and simply removing make-up and dirt without damaging the skin's natural barrier and moisturizing functions, thus maintaining the health of your skin.

Bbeau Skin Conditioner

This is a skin lotion that provides a “new sensation”, containing essential moisturizing and beauty elements at the nanoparticle level, enabling it to penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum layer of your skin.

About us

At SaDea, we believe that we evolve ourselves through the evolution of our customers, and that we contribute to society by transforming our customers' ideas into reality.

Globalization and the rapid development of information technology have made the world a smaller place.

While these trends provide avenues of opportunity for companies looking to do business in foreign countries, many still struggle to overcome obstacles such as the policies, culture and business practices of each country.

What is common sense in one country may not be acceptable in another.

At SaDea, we have cultivated a wealth of experience and an expansive network in the cosmetics field, as well as experience of overseas business, mainly in Southeast Asia.

We are utilizing this know-how as a powerful weapon to support our customers looking to market "Japanese-made" cosmetics overseas.

Company Name SaDea Co. Ltd.
President and CEO Shigenori Kotabe
Founded March 26, 2018
Location 3-4-33 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
E-mail address info@sadea.co.jp
TEL +813-6225-0533
FAX +813-6225-0534
Business Description
  • Development, manufacturing and sale of quasi-drugs, cosmetics and health foods
  • Overseas Expansion Support Business
  • Operation of own brand "Bbeau"
  • Raw material development business
  • Mail order business


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